Imagine your life without the arts. What if there was no music, no movies, no theater? What if dance was gone along with poetry and literature? What if there were no more paintings, drawings, sculptures or pottery? I think we can all agree the arts bring beauty, music, creativity, entertainment, self-expression, uniqueness and individuality to our world.

Of course, the arts will never be gone from our lives, but they are in danger. The Capitol Theater is among the ranks of struggling nonprofit centers for the arts.

But THIS PLACE MATTERS. It matters because it is historic. It matters because it provides a unique source of entertainment. It matters because it adds enrichment to our lives. It matters because it is ours.

With government cutting support for the arts, many nonprofits are barely staying in business. Grants for the arts are available, but very difficult to get. This puts the burden on us to help the arts thrive in our community. Many of you have done just that. You have worked hard to keep this beautifully restored, historic place in business with your financial support and faithful attendance at various shows and events.

If this place matters to you, please help us continue to offer the culture, music, comedy and entertainment that gives our lives depth and enjoyment by making a financial donation. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for believing in the arts and for your willingness to continue your support.

Tammy McCoy, Executive Director


The arts have the power to inspire, engage, uplift, and motivate and are integral to self-expression. We believe every student should have the chance to explore their talents no matter their means. By donating to our Scholarship Fund, we can make this possible through our Summer Theater and Music Camps.

Sponsor a child and help them engage their imagination and build confidence.


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